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Quick Sketches / Doodles
I am offering rough sketches or doodles in my style to help you envision your ideas for toon characters, props, settings or scenes. I am not a master of realistic humans - or rather I can't fire them off fast enough to be able to offer them here- but I can help you work out cartoony characters, props, scenes and other elements similar to the examples I've posted.

A full body toon character would probably be medium detailed usually one pose but depends on what I think might be needed to convey your idea. Variations of a head only for example could be 2-6 variations - or more if I'm on a roll. The same goes for other requests with more complex drawings being medium detailed and simpler drawings of single entities with two or more variations to help you visualize.

So if you need to rough out ideas for a story or animation, or to quickly convey an idea I may be the artist for you - contact me with your needs and I'll let you know if it is something I can do.

The following examples show the simple pencil work I am talking about.

Sketch051908 by bupaje

Ducksamuck1 by bupaje

Framess1 by bupaje

Untitled by bupaje

Visit My Picasa Gallery

My Picasa albums contain samples of work, school or 'just for fun' projects. It ain't sexy -which is why I haven't put it all on DA- but if you're still reading you must be bored - so might as well take a look. ;)


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There are places not often seen by men today, forgotten as we rush about our tasks or battle with acrimonious and hate filled words. In older times these might be marked on a map with the words 'here be dragons'.

Where are these places to be found at a time when our geography has never been more clear? Haven't we mapped the earth, the stars and the ocean? Haven't we charted molecules and the tangled threads of DNA? Haven't we explored the surface of the moon and the craters of Mars?

These forgotten lands, hidden behind an overgrowth of ignorance, are the lands of our own hearts. By focusing on that which has little value we weigh the worth of the world, and its people, with short weights and false scales. We pay our dues to others with shaved coins, cheating them of the full value of the love, respect, dignity, opportunity or material support which they are due.

It is time for us to leave the comfortable chairs and ideologies of our walled cities to become explorers again. Explorers of our own hearts.
As a child I discovered the joy of reading. I was a little late starting and in fact my aunt was told that I had some sort of learning disability. I started reading comic books and became so enthralled that I began checking books out of the local library. I read stories like The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas at an early age. I had to use the dictionary because there were so many words I didn't know. I also discovered JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings which blew my mind -and stretched my reading skills. I eventually learned to get the meaning of the word from context so as to not interrupt my reading.

I remember writing many little stories and drawing comic books. I jammed them into my drawers (my stepmother would routinely empty these into the trash as they filled up). I always expected to be a storyteller/explorer/inventor. Circumstances were such that this didn't work out. Now and then I did sit down to try to create the required outline and do all the planning. I never got much beyond that stage in my writing (except for occasional bouts of mediocre poetry).

This year I resolved that I would write. I went to a local writers meeting. I got fired up and and got all types of plans and charts - and even read more than half of the material. I did free writing exercises and made some new efforts at planning. I began some story board, drew some character ideas, researched various things on the web - and ended up with another few poems and yards of free-writing exercises but nothing started.

One day at lunch several weeks ago I said screw it. I'm getting old and going to be dropping dead soon and all of these stories are going to die with me. I started writing for my lunch hour. No plans. No outline. Nothing but one of the ideas that had been floating around in my head for years. Guess what? A story is coming out - not the one I imagined but another growing from the tiny seed of that first idea. I'm now about 20,000 words into it. Still no outline but I've been following the story and jotting down ideas and notes.

I still suck at sentence structure and planning. If you've read this you'll find errors and missing punctuation. No doubt I'll need to learn some but I think I re-learned the most important thing - something I knew as a kid.

If you want to be a writer - JUST WRITE! Sure, outline and plan if that's how your brain works, more power to you. But if your stuck at planning all the great things you are going to do. If your hung up on details so small that all your really doing is spinning your wheels in the mud, then screw it!


What's the worse that can happen?

Here is a really fascinating and potentially useful site. Ambient Mixer allows you listen to a mix of user created audio files and also adjust, add, mix, listen to and download the files. As an example I am writing a story and was searching for the sounds a wooden sailing ship as I don't have ready access to a ship to experience it for myself. Here is one user created mix.

click to visit page

I think you can imagine all the ways this might be useful.

If you are a K12 student, or have a budding artist in your family, and are looking for a bit of college money you might want to check out Google's new Doodle contest with the theme
"If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place..."

Wish I wasn't so darn old as this looks like fun. :) (Smile)

2014-02-05 10-30-27 by bupaje


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I saw one tree
made into
two homes.

The first
of strong wood
white windows
two floors.

The second
of old cardboard
plastic bags
two boxes.

Inside each
a family dwelt
human beings
two stories.

My heart
sees one world
made into
two halves.

Between them
a shameful wall
removable by
two hands.

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